Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips for Pinoy Henyo

Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo segment had become a staple among Filipinos. Lunch breaks are not complete without it. What's most entertaining are the contestants themselves. They can sometimes be hilarious, intellectually satisfying, boring at times and irritating oftentimes:) Despite all that,Pinoy Henyo is here to stay.

The show is a test of common sense, focus, stock knowledge, calm and quick thinking all rolled into one.

Here are some overheard tips gathered from the critics to get the answer:

1. Both players should refrain from shrieking. (Dentures falling out aren't for national television:) Seriously, its distracting.

2. Listen and Discern despite being excited.
(Hindi at Pwede are different things, it can make or unbreak your luck)

3. Be sensitive to the cues of your partner, the things unsaid can be dead giveaways.

4. Lastly, here is the guide to asking questions:

This may not be comprehensive, but this will get you closer to the answer. The rest is up to you.

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